VoltSafe Blog Team – July 5, 2023

BC Hydro's Quest for New Energy Sources: How VoltSafe Technology Can Help Meet Demand by 2028

On June 15, 2023, BC Hydro announced its first call for new clean energy sources in 15 years, prompted by the pressing need to power 270,000 homes in B.C. by 2028. As the demand for energy continues to rise, the importance of sustainable and diverse energy sources becomes increasingly apparent. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind BC Hydro’s search for new energy sources and highlight how VoltSafe technology can contribute to energy conservation and help meet consumer electricity demand.

The Growing Need to Power Our Lifestyles

BC Hydro’s pursuit of new energy sources is driven by the objective to diversify its energy portfolio and reduce dependence on hydro sources. By integrating alternative energy forms like solar and wind, BC Hydro aims to enhance energy security and resilience, ensuring a stable energy supply in the face of potential disruptions.

With the population growth and expanding economy in the province, BC Hydro faces a rising demand for electricity. Exploring new energy sources allows the utility to meet this demand while ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The proliferation of electric vehicles requiring charging stations and the increasing use of electronic devices and appliances in homes have made it clear that the current approach to meeting the growing demand is unsustainable.

The Role of VoltSafe Technology in Energy Conservation

VoltSafe technology provides smart charging solutions for devices, equipment, vehicles, and marine vessels. It revolutionizes the charging experience by enabling granular monitoring of energy usage, which reduces energy waste and significantly contributes to energy conservation efforts, alleviating strain on the grid. VoltSafe’s connectors optimize energy usage and reduce electrical grid strain in three ways:

Monitoring Energy Usage

VoltSafe’s technology allows users to monitor energy consumption at a granular level. This enables comparisons between the power consumption of different devices, making it easier to identify energy-efficient choices. Users can also track energy usage for appliances like dryers and take advantage of peak time usage plans by determining the best time to run high-energy-consuming devices.

Reducing Energy Waste

VoltSafe’s unique electrical gateway ensures that electrical current flows only when the adapter on the device or appliance end is connected to the outlet. This eliminates wasted electricity caused by devices being left plugged in and idle.

Demand-Side Power Management 

With VoltSafe’s apps, users can schedule charging and usage times to align with the most efficient energy periods. This empowers users to make informed decisions about energy consumption and optimize their power usage.

VoltSafe solutions are scalable and adaptable, suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s a single-family home, fire station, military base, or a large marina, VoltSafe technology can be implemented to enhance energy conservation.

BC Hydro’s search for new clean energy sources is driven by the urgent need to meet the growing demand for power by 2028. In this pursuit, solutions like VoltSafe technology play a crucial role in optimizing energy usage, reducing waste, and promoting sustainability. By leveraging these advanced technologies, energy users can reduce demand on the grid and meet the population’s energy supply needs by 2028.

To learn more about VoltSafe Solutions, including home and marina connectors, and discover how we can help manage demand-side energy usage, visit voltsafe.com. Marina owners interested in participating in our marina pilot program can sign up through our website.

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