VoltSafe Blog Team – July 14, 2023

Get To Know: Philipp Garber, VP of Corporate Development, Entrepreneur & Outdoor Enthusiast

Philipp Garber has quietly moved into a new role as VP of Corporate Development for VoltSafe. Phil has spent the last year rubbing elbows with the who’s who in the marine, defence and autonomy sectors. He’s racked up a ton of Air Miles attending trade shows to show off the capabilities of VoltSafe’s technology while piquing interest from a host of potential commercial and licensing partners. It’s always interesting to hear the stories he bring back of how everyone at the show or convention received our technology. Hearing the excitement for our tech is motivating for our staff.

When not on the road, Phil is brimming with stories about his thrilling weekends spent in the mountains or on the lakes around BC. His innate curiosity has enabled him to connect with numerous B2B partners, fostering relationships built on trust and his extensive knowledge of the environment they work in.

In our previous feature on Phil, he discussed his approach to developing relationships with VoltSafe B2B clients and seeking out potential partners who would be interested in licensing and commercial partnerships.

Currently, Phil is focused on introducing VoltSafe’s latest product VoltSafe Marine to marina operators for beta testing. He is also actively building relationships within the defence and autonomy sector for our EV product. Whether attending trade shows, conventions, or conducting site visits, his primary objective is to gain a deep understanding of the pain points, market size, and adoption hurdles within these industries, in order to offer tailored solutions provided by VoltSafe.

In the past few months, Phil has successfully facilitated crucial funding for the continued research and development of our verticals. Additionally, he has also  led several partnership efforts that involve corporate and government entities. Even with all of these tasks on his plate, he still has time to stop by for a barketing report from Derby Breker our CBO (Chief Barketing Office) when she is in the office.

Phil is excited about overseeing VoltSafe’s Marina Pilot Program, where he will guide marinas through the testing phase of our beta product. If you’re a marina operator interested in participating, simply visit voltsafemarine.com and fill out the form.

With Phil’s leadership and passion for exploring new frontiers, VoltSafe is poised to make significant strides in various industries and create innovative solutions that address specific needs. Stay tuned for more updates on his exciting journey!

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VoltSafe Inc. is changing the way people connect to power. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the Canadian tech startup has reinvented the electrical plug by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an “electrical fingerprint”. Using patented technology, VoltSafe has created the world’s safest, simplest, and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes more than 140 years ago. The company’s product pipeline includes magnetic plug replacement solutions for household, commercial, industrial, marine, electric and autonomous vehicles, emergency services, data centres and more.