Careers: Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer

Are you an innovative, intelligent, self-motivated employee and love working with like-minded, fun and creative people? Then VoltSafe is looking for you!

Responsibilities & Duties

β€’              Designing CAD models and producing physical prototypes of product housing

β€’              Developing prototypes for product development research, product demos, and manufacturing

β€’              Iterating on new and existing designs to improve manufacturability

β€’              Liaising with engineers and manufacturers on design requirements for manufacturing (DFM)

β€’              Developing the design language strategy and direction

Must-have Qualifications

β€’              Previous industrial design and DFM experience

β€’              Solid rapid prototyping and creative problem-solving skill

β€’              Willingness to take risk and iterate over new ideas quickly

β€’              Ability to work on solving novel problems using new platforms with sparse-to-no documentation

β€’              Strong research skill, especially with respect to user experience

β€’              Experience with physical prototyping and fabrication – 3D printing, basic machine shop skills

β€’              Experience with a popular CAD platform – SolidWorks, Inventor, etc

β€’              Strong design portfolio

β€’              Cooperation, teamwork, ability to stay chill while working hard

Good-to-have Qualifications

β€’              Experience designing product concepts involving electronics

β€’              We love design teams! Tell us what you worked on and what you learned

β€’              Experience with basic electronics such as Arduino

β€’              Your own personal DIY hacking, tell us how you solved your problems

β€’              Contribution to open-source projects or Open Hardware projects is highly appreciated


Interested and have what it takes? E-mail your cover letter and resume to careers@voltsafe.com.