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VoltSafe Winter Magnetic Block Heater Plug


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UP TO 80% ENERGY SAVINGS/SEASON: Control your plug with the timer on the VoltSafe App. Set your timer and let your investment pay for itself! Check out our savings calculator!

QUICK CONNECT/ DISCONNECT: Use just one hand and let the magnets do the work. Readily disconnects when tripped over or when vehicle pulls away.

SAFETY: Contacts are never live unless fully connected. White light indicates firm connection.

DURABLE DESIGN: Resilient flexible flap, corrosion-resistant contacts and shock-proof shell.

10-FOOT ARCTIC-RATED CORD: Built for northern winters. Flexible down to -50*


VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug with App Controlled Timer is a game changer! It eliminates the safety hazards and difficulties caused by standard extension cords. The magnetic force pulls the plug together immediately activating power and then releases just as easily, leaving the plug’s entire surface completely safe to touch. The app enables you to schedule your block heater, so you save energy, time, and money. No fear of electrocution, no danger of electrical fires, and no more driving off with your block heater still plugged in. Say goodbye to the drive of shame!

VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug is a magnetic power connector that eliminates the difficulties and safety hazards caused by standard extension cables. Magnetic force pulls the plug together activating power and releases with the same pressure, leaving the plug’s entire surface completely safe to touch. The VoltSafe system consists of two parts: passive and active. The vehicle block-heater connects to the passive component. The passive component is then attached to the vehicle’s bumper or grill. The active component plugs into a main power outlet through a 10-foot long cable. The components connect and activate on the basis of magnetic force between the steel plate (active component face) which is attracted to the magnet on the complementary passive component face. When the two faces are connected, the electrical contact pads on each component are held firmly together by this magnetic attraction. The presence of the magnet also triggers the sensor operated controlling circuit inside the active component, which initiates power flow. At this point the interface transmits power like a typical extension cable. When the two components are disconnected the power is switched off and the contact pads on the active face are safe to touch.

Operating Conditions 

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Current (A)

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Recommended Operating Temperature: -35C to 40C (-31F to 104F)

Use the app to set up scheduling for your block heater: Save Time, Save Energy, Save Money