Help Nazar in Ukraine


  • DONATE VIA GoFundMe HERE: all donations are being used to procure, purchase and ship important life-saving supplies to Nazar. (latest UPDATE)
    (any extra funds will be donated to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine if/when shipping is not feasible.)
  • SUPPLY DROP OFF at VoltSafe: 410-1444 Alberni Street, Van, BC 9am – 5pm (see items needed)
  • SUPPLY PICK-UP in Vancouver
  • DONATE DIRECTLY to Nazar’s Territorial Defence group in Ukraine HERE
  • CONTACT US directly if you have any connections who may be of help or if you have any questions:



Our friend & co-worker, Nazar, left the safety of Canada to make his way to the middle of a war zone in Kyiv to be with his family and fight to help his country in the best way he can, getting life saving equipment and supplies to front-line workers, citizens and families.


Every day, we wait to hear from Nazar to make sure he and his family are ok, and to do whatever we can to help from Vancouver.

*OUR ASK TO YOU: Follow his story, watch his videos & donate supplies or funds, so we can send some much needed medical and logistical items to Nazar and his team on the ground in Ukraine. Every dollar helps as it will go to medical items like tourniquets and first aid kits as well as tactical items like 2-way radios and flashlights. And to make sure they arrive to Kyiv and other towns where they are most needed.

 Nazar’s journey and daily efforts provide his country with ground aid in the much-needed form of hard-to-get supplies and creating safe-routes to get life-saving items to those fighting in the middle of Ukraine. Please… share this story with others and give whatever you can.

All donations are being used to procure, purchase and ship key supplies. If and when sending supplies isn’t feasible, any other donations will go directly to the Ukrainian army and humanitarian efforts on the ground in Ukraine.


Two short weeks ago, our co-worker Nazar was in Vancouver, Canada working alongside us. His desk now sits empty as we all await his hopeful return. A return that all of us here know will not be able to happen until this mindless unprovoked war ends.

Nazar isn’t “just a team member” at VoltSafe… he’s a friend, he’s a roommate, he comes across as serious but has one of the driest senses of humour we’ve seen.

 Despite having just become a permanent resident of Canada (and having very strong, established ties in Vancouver), when the situation with Russia began to look ominous, Nazar immediately booked a flight back to Ukraine to be with his family and support his native country. Mid-flight, war broke out and his plane was diverted from Ukraine to Turkey leaving him stranded and powerless to quickly get to his hometown of Kyiv.


After a challenging and treacherous journey that took almost a week, Nazar made his way to Poland and eventually into Ukraine. He steadily inched towards his hometown of Kyiv, while witnessing the horrors of war.


Driving through destroyed neighbourhoods, hiding out in bomb shelters and just trying to stay alive to reach Kyiv, Nazar has already risked everything just to get to where he knows he can make the biggest impact (he has been enlisted and is helping with logistics for the Ukrainian Army).  He keeps in contact with our team frequently, making sure we know he’s safe. When he is able, he occasionally sends us videos focused on some of the horrific sights he is witnessing. It is a frightening situation, and they need our help.  


We, (his co-workers at VoltSafe), his friends, family & everyone in between, continue to gather and send shipments of much-needed supplies through an already-established logistical route into Ukraine. We have had countless friends and family asking how they can help, so this page has been set up to help make a positive and direct impact supporting Ukraine. One that can be amplified and scaled through the purchase and delivery of more of the following items:



– 2-way radios (preferably battery-powered b/c there may not be the ability to re-charge) 

– Small, powerful LED flashlights (strong, metal kind with powerful light)

– Digital radios (or any good portable radio)

– AK magazine bags (military surplus stores?)

– Military Belt Harness/ body harness (to hang medical equipment/ radios/ artillery bags off of)

– Drones

– Scopes



– Tourniquets (a medical device to help stop bleeding if someone loses a limb)

– Nasopharyngeal Airway Kits

– Trauma shears/ scissors

– Chest seals w/ vent (for punctured lungs)

– Compression bandage

– Gauze

– Trauma Kits in general (cost about $150-$200 and have a lot of the medical equipment above)

These are some of the things he has mentioned they can’t find anywhere in Ukraine right now and could really help the people on the ground there communicate and save lives.

We want Nazar to be safe and ultimately make it back here to his Canadian home in Vancouver and we know that can only happen when the war ends. More importantly, like Nazar, we want to help in a way that has direct and tangible impact.


Funds raised from our page will be entirely invested into purchasing and sending the supplies they need, and any surplus funding (should there be any) will be donated to a specific Ukrainian bank actively supporting the Ukrainian Army at Nazar’s request.


Nazar’s courage and bravery are inspiring to us all.  We want to help our co-worker & friend ensure that the people of Ukraine can once again know peace and democracy, even though it currently feels so far away. Please join us in sharing Nazar’s story and help make the cumulative impact that Ukraine needs.



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