VoltSafe Winter Available in More Than 160 Stores Nationwide

VoltSafe Winter Available in More Than 160 Stores Nationwide

VoltSafe Inc. Continues Successful Commercialization of VoltSafe Winter, Now in More Than 160 Retail Stores Nationwide

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – (December 15, 2020) – VoltSafe Inc. continues to execute the strategic commercialization of its technology with VoltSafe Winter, the company’s first product to market.

VoltSafe has successfully executed distribution partnerships with some of Canada’s largest big box retailers. VoltSafe Winter will be seen on the shelves in more than 160 retail stores nationwide. VoltSafe’s largest partners to date include Canadian Tire Corporation, Federated Co-operatives Limited, Sutherland Automotive and Princess Auto Ltd. (on store shelves in early January). Other customers include SME’s, emergency service vehicles and law enforcement fleets. As well, Ford Motor Company auto dealerships have adopted integration of the product into their businesses with successful results. VoltSafe is currently in discussions with other national retailers, private and public fleets, and US distributors, and will announce partnerships as they continue to be executed.

Winter 2020/21 represents a coming of age for VoltSafe Inc. and a graduation to product sales. Despite headwinds from Covid-19, demand for “VoltSafe Winter” is still expected to outstrip available supply for this season. VoltSafe Winter, is the first of many products slated for commercialization using VoltSafe technology. These products address either unmet or growing market needs, relating to electrical pronged plug: safety, ease of use and smart capabilities.

Commenting on the positive traction to date, Trevor Burgess, VoltSafe Inc. CEO, stated, “After more than five years navigating, challenging, and finally overcoming antiquated electrical plug standards, I’m pleased to announce that VoltSafe will achieve another major milestone, product sales. With a robust product pipeline and roadmap, VoltSafe aims to rapidly capitalize on its patented plug technologies, disrupting 140 years of worldwide pronged plug use.”

About VoltSafe
Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, VoltSafe is a Canadian tech startup that has reinvented the pronged electrical plug, with the first ever prong-less magnetic electrical plug. Developed in 2015, the ground-breaking, patented technology has created the world’s safest, simplest, and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes 140 years ago. In 2018, VoltSafe successfully pitched on Dragon’s Den, receiving three offers, and recently won the BC Cleantech Newcomer award at GLOBE 2020. Its first product to market is VoltSafe Winter (magnetic plug for block heaters). The company’s current product pipeline includes magnetic plug solutions for household, commercial, marine, electric vehicles, and more.