VoltSafe Forms Advisory Board with Experienced Members

VoltSafe Strengthens its Team Launching a New Advisory Board with Strategic, Experienced Members

Vancouver, Canada – February 18th, 2020 – VoltSafe Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of its Advisory Board, further strengthening the company’s momentum and reach. VoltSafe has spent the past five years trail-blazing antiquated electrical standards in North America, paving the way for a new plug technology so transformative it will power the 4th industrial revolution. As VoltSafe moves past certification and initial traction of its first product, the company will draw on the combined experience and skill set of its Advisory Board to assist with the next phase of commercialization and monetization of the company’s deep tech and IP.

Initial members of the VoltSafe Advisory Board include:

  • Sunjay Mohan – VP, Global Head of Patents & Trademarks at SAP
  • Tom Kishchuk – VP Operational Support, Federated Co-operatives Limited
  • Ross Gray -VP Product – Integrated IoT, Sierra Wireless
  • Jim Gray – VP Head of Global Legal Operations at SAP
  • Charles Gadalla – General Manager, Commercialization Product Management, Pure Storage
  • Martin Durlak – President & CEO, Generation Marketing

Commenting on the exciting news, VoltSafe’s CEO Trevor Burgess stated “The world has spent over 140 years trying to perfect a flawed (pronged) plug design, it’s about time we took technology available today and made the plug of the future. VoltSafe’s ability to attract such impressive talent at outset speaks volumes to the efficacy and future of our patented technologies.”

For further information on VoltSafe Inc., please contact Scott Carlson, CFO at (604) 862-1744 or scott@voltsafe.com

About VoltSafe
VoltSafe is the missing puzzle piece that unlocks the full potential of any city grid, business or home, by making power usage: Smart, Simple, Safe and Secure. VoltSafe’s vision brings plug technology into the 21st century. The company’s patented technologies combine state-of-the-art hardware & software into the first universal solution to different plug types worldwide while also unlocking profound Smart-plug capabilities. VoltSafe is transforming how the world connects to electricity.