Electrification using VoltSafe tech has a positive social, economic and environmental impact.


The first of its kind, our groundbreaking resistive sensing tech can determine the output load needed to deliver through any outlet at any amperage.

Additionally, arc-fault and ground-fault circuit interruption is built right into our products, eliminating the risk of shocks, arcs, sparks and fires in any space providing unprecedented safety at home or work, everywhere.

Our products reach safety levels near that of aerospace, they’re waterproof, dust-proof and conduct electricity almost instantaneously, but ONLY when both sides are completely connected. This makes any outlet safe to touch even with exposed contacts.

Eliminating prongs and connecting with magnets makes it simple and easy, no matter where you’re plugging in. It reduces tripping hazards as well as the risk of torn cords and damaged plugs or devices.

Plus, our smart app connectivity ensures we conserve electricity, eliminating wasteful use. Let’s face it, no one likes a waster.

We’re creating a world that is more accessible, safer and easier for all through smart home automation and electrification.

VoltSafe makes connecting to electricity:

Magnets are cool and make life
more accessible .

We are certified to that of
aerospace levels offering unprecedented safety.

Data can be gathered at plug
level, optimizing efficiency and saving money .



Electricity is all around us but invisible so we don’t often think about the amount of electricity we consume (and waste).

Energy data is generally only available at the breaker or control panel level, making it difficult to audit. VoltSafe products feature power-monitoring capabilities that provide power usage at each outlet, in real-time, so that users can make impactful decisions that make electricity consumption much more efficient. Now we can easily identify any power-wasting devices to minimize waste, ultimately saving on utility bills.

Smarter, micro-level power management helps our communities and cities predict electricity demand helping our utility providers deliver a reliable and consistent power supply to us all, whenever we need it, while managing demand and keeping rates affordable.


The electric personalities of our staff are accelerating a shift in how we connect to power. Our team is committed to developing products and tech solutions that promote environmental and social governance, improving our climate and powering a more sustainable world.

Fossil-fuels are not sustainable and harm our environment. Our patented tech accelerates a shift in both how we consume energy as well as how we manage it. This results in less greenhouse gas emissions, helping to do our part to positively reverse climate change.

We all need:

  • Cleaner Air
  • Cleaner Water
  • Cleaner Soil

We can shine a spotlight on wasted electricity in buildings and remove key hurdles to large-scale supply and demand side energy management. Our products will expedite adoption rates of smart plugs by providing built-in features that offer aerospace-level safety and accessibility.

Additionally VoltSafe plugs/outlets are load factor detection (inductive, capacitive, resistive) capable, allowing utility companies to reduce wastage.

By installing VoltSafe products, electricity consumption and the emissions related to electricity production can, and will, be reduced.



Electrifying the world using our tech and products allows for automation, monitors power usage in real-time from each plug and predicts demand, enabling utility providers to best serve everyone’s needs reliably and efficiently. With widespread power-monitoring in residential, commercial and small business, we maximize our energy use effectively. When we conserve power, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s what matters. We’re creating a more accessible and sustainable world that is safely, simply and smartly connected to electricity.