"VoltSafe unites hardware and software into a sleek design and is the missing puzzle piece to unlock the full potential of any smart grid"

Quotes from recent investors

“I have never been as excited about a venture opportunity as I am about VoltSafe.” Real Estate Executive and Lawyer 

“Usually, anything I look at that comes with a possible 20x, 30x, 50x+ ROI I dismiss quite quickly…. However, I firmly believe the VoltSafe team executives with its robust patented technology and significantly rewards patient shareholders.” Manufacturing Entrepreneur & Electrical Engineer 

“VoltSafe has developed an arsenal of disruptive technologies protected by game-changing IP, that will change the way the world connects to electricity.” Private Equity Executive and Mechanical Engineer 

“I believe VoltSafe will follow a similar path that other smart-tech unicorn startups have, like Nest, Ring.com, and Tile. Hitting annual revenue of $100+ million in the not too distant future.” Large Cap Tech Executive & Software Engineer 

“These are the smartest guys in the room and are onto something really big. I am excited to be along for a ride.”             CEO, System & Circuit Engineer

"I chose to invest in VoltSafe for the incredible innovation and talent of this team. On an industrial level, one can imagine a factory being able to optimize its power consumption and bid on a project knowing the exact power utilization makeup. VoltSafe`s team is real deal, and they are onto something extraordinary"
Senior Technology Executive