Obsessed with progress:
Changing the way the world connects to power.

While everyone has been fixated with innovations at one end of the power cord, we`re obsessed with improving the other end, changing how people connect to power.

VoltSafe tech eliminates prongs, using magnets and an ‘electrical fingerprint’ to connect to electricity.

Our world-changing patented tech unlocks previously unreachable social and environmental benefits. From home to automotive, sea to sky, EV, AV, emergency services, armed forces, data centres and more, our reach and impact is extensive and the road ahead, electrifying.

VoltSafe has solutions for home, marine, aviation, ev & av, data centres and more.

Electrical plugs haven’t significantly changed in over 140 years. In that time, humankind has invented radio, flight, television, spacecrafts, the Internet, the Hadron Collider, CRISPR and AI, yet we still plug our toasters in like our great great grandparents. Our obsession with progress inspired us to fix it for good.

Edison, Hubbell and now VoltSafe