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General Questions

VoltSafe Winter is specifically designed and tested for use with Engine Block Heaters – it is not recommended to be used with any other electrical devices.

Currently, VoltSafe parts are not sold separately.

The VoltSafe Winter block heater cord is designed for outdoor use and only for block heaters. 

Optimal performance in arctic winter conditions:

When VS Winter is powered off and sits at temperatures below -35˚C/-31˚F for a prolonged period of time, it may not turn back on. Simply bring the plug head inside to warm up. After an hour or so in your toasty house or vehicle, you’ll be able to use it again. When you reconnect it and power is flowing, we recommend you leave it plugged in and running. When the white indicator light is on, power is flowing and the device will stay warm and cozy enough to keep the unit working, making you a much happier driver.

Can I set a schedule using the app during arctic cold snaps?

Typically, VoltSafe Winter works well in weather down to -35 ̊C/-31 ̊F. When temperatures dip below that mark, some electronic components may start to freeze. Using the app-controlled timer to save energy and delay starting the block heater during the coldest winter nights may result in the unit freezing solid and not turning on when you need it most. We recommend you disable the timer and delete any saved schedules.

We offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty: any defects in material and workmanship will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the buyer, provided that the buyer returns their device in less than 12 months after they receive it.

The VoltSafe Winter device is carefully designed to reject standard magnets. However, we still do not recommend using magnets around your VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug.

The VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug is carefully designed to reject standard magnets. As such, it will not turn on if a standard magnet is used with or near it. However, we still do not recommend using magnets around your VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug.

The VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug will run on an absolute minimum of 85V AC. If the ‘smart’ plugs are limiting the power with a 50% duty, then the mains voltage drops to 60V. This will not allow the VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug to activate.

App Issues

  1. Ensure your VoltSafe Winter unit is turned on and the blue light is blinking
  2. Open the VoltSafe Winter app on your smartphone
  3. Once the app shows you are connected to the device, follow the instructions on screen to set the on/off times

Yes, currently the timer has to be set every time. We are working hard to improve this feature, and your feedback helps!

Yes, when the (active) cord is unplugged and the unit is removed from power, the device resets, and the timer schedule will need to be reset as well.

Currently, the timer schedule will have to be set every time the VoltSafe unit is powered off and on. 

Yes, you may set multiple on/off windows for your device within a 24 hour period.

Currently, devices will appear as “VoltSafe Winter.” 

Currently, VoltSafe Winter is not compatible with any smart home platforms.

The VoltSafe Winter device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which works best within 10 meters of the device.

The VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug can automatically turn on at any distance from your app. However, you will need to be within 10 meters of your device in order to actually schedule it.   

Hardware Issues

If the solid white light does not turn on when the two halves of the VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug are brought together, please do the following:

  1. Open the VoltSafe Winter app on your smartphone and connect to the device
  2. Click the help button in the top right corner
  3. Click on “My Plug isn’t turning on”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to refresh your device

If a solid white light remains on when you unplug the cord, please unplug the unit from the wall and contact VoltSafe Service.

A flashing blue LED light indicates that the device is in pairing mode and ready to be connected to.

Once the weather drops below -35°C, we recommend that you skip the use of the timer and just leave your block heater running. While it’s designed for winter, your VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug is still a smart device and may struggle to turn on once its internal temperature drops below -35°C.

If you connect the two ends (as usual) after it has sat in -35°C or below temperatures for most of the day, the white light might not turn on. In that case, the unit is too cold and will need to be warmed up a bit. Bring your VoltSafe plug inside for a few hours and try again. That will do the trick. You can also take the cord with you when you drive. Once the white light stays on for 30 seconds (after first connecting), the current running through the VoltSafe Winter magnetic plug will keep it warm enough.