Sticking with tradition isn’t our way. But neither is slight innovation.

Put simply, we’ve improved electricity for everyone and changed the way the world connects and controls power.

Electricity is all around us, yet the actual amount of power each of our devices consumes daily is invisible. It just connects our things to the power we need. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? What if we said the same about the combustion engine or even the VCR and its bulky VHS cassette tapes? Progress is necessary.


Using magnets instead of prongs makes connecting to electricity easy and downright satisfying. CLICK! Accessibility is vastly improved when trying to plug in to those hard-to-access outlets. When it comes to forgetful unplugging at home, or industries that rely on a quick response when every second counts, a quick disconnecting cord is a game-changer and life-saver.

We didn’t invent electricity but we’ve found ways to make it better: better engineering, better parts and better tech. VoltSafe tech uses an electrical fingerprint before power is allowed to flow. We’ve invented the safest, simplest and smartest way to connect to electricity by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an ‘electrical fingerprint. We’ve created the first high-power magnetic connector ever meeting UL and CSA safety standards, and our tech isn’t limited by voltage or amperage requirements.


Our connectors offer one universal solution to connect to electricity around the world.

Electrical plugs haven’t significantly changed in over 140 years. While nearly everyone is fixated on innovation at one end of the power cord, we’re obsessed with innovation at the other. Put simply, we’ve invented the safest, simplest and smartest way to connect to electricity by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an ‘electrical fingerprint’.

Our world-improving plug technology is scalable for all residential, commercial and industrial high power applications (i.e. greater than 50V) like home, EV, marine shore power, aerospace, autonomous vehicles, government, emergency services, data centres and more. The impact of VoltSafe tech is extensive and the road ahead is electrifying.


Both VoltSafe and existing plugs and outlets transfer power using metal-to-metal connections. Eliminating prongs means no more live outlet holes or the associated fire and electrocution risks that go with it (as a result of dust and water ingress). Unlike existing outlets, VoltSafe outlets will only allow power to flow once an electrical fingerprint is recognized (whereas existing outlets are always live). When a VoltSafe plug is NOT CONNECTED to a VoltSafe outlet, it REMAINS DE-ENERGIZED. At all times the exposed metal contacts on VoltSafe outlets are safe to touch for users.


VoltSafe empowers everyone to effortlessly connect to electricity and eliminates risk of fire or electrocution associated with pronged plugs. Our magnetic connectors and energy management platforms we develop can do more than a typical smart plug can do, saving us time, energy and money.

We improve any home ecosystem yet our cost is competitive to typical smart plugs. PLUS our tech offers additional benefits: unprecedented safety; ease of connecting with magnets; app-controlled scheduling; and real-time energy management at the plug level, ultimately saving power and money, while reducing strain on the grid. Reducing consumption also reduces GHG’s and proactively reverses climate change. We’re not a smart plug company, we’re smarter.