Three ways this Canadian cleantech is saving lives and the planet

VoltSafe Blog Team – May 17, 2022

VoltSafe’s magnetic connectors are having a big effect on households by saving lives, money, and the planet.

Since its debut on the world stage, in an episode of Dragons’ Den with three Dragons making an offer for a stake in the company, VoltSafe has been receiving inquiries about its magnetic connectors. The company’s goal is to change how the world accesses electricity through magnets and an electrical ‘fingerprint’ as opposed to the traditional pronged plugs. ‌Put simply, it’s the transfer of electrical current with the connection of magnets and the result is a safe, simple and smart way to connect to and control power.  

Most of us know how magnets work. We have a collection of them on our fridge door,  a mix of pizza and food delivery services. Let’s not forget the strategically placed magnets at the bottom of the shower curtain that prevents the rest of the bathroom from turning into Lake Ontario. So, you’re already aware of the ease of a magnetic connection and how it already saves us from a lot of things, including having dinner ready in time. Well, VoltSafe uses magnetic, electrical connectors to bring safety, simplicity and smart economic and environmental saving power into our homes, changing our lives for the better.


Cost Savings

It’s on everyone’s minds these days. As inflation takes hold of our deflating bank accounts, saving money in our homes becomes the first step in weathering the rising cost of living. So how will VoltSafe’s technology help us save money?

VoltSafe’s connectors are IoT (Internet of Things) products. Meaning they use smart technology to help thousands of homes save on the cost of running their block heater to warm the engines, power their boats and their homes. The VoltSafe Winter app, for example, allows you to set a recurring schedule to turn your block heater on and off remotely. So these smart electrical connectors will allow you to manage at the outlet level how much electricity you are using. Likewise, the VoltSafe Home app will allow you to automate your home by managing the usage of each device or appliance at the outlet level. You will ‌set an energy saving goal to save on your utility bill and the app will make recommendations on how to reach that goal. So just as a smart fridge tells you it’s time to buy eggs or milk, the VoltSafe Home plug will tell you how you should use your device or appliance to save energy and money.

VoltSafe Marine and its app, for example, will allow the marina operator to view your usage. So if you are using less power than Marianne and the Professor in the boat next to you, you benefit from paying moorage bills based on your usage rather than a flat fee. With savings like that, you’ll eventually be able to buy your own island.

If you want to turn on your lights before you reach home, warm up your car’s engine, turn off your slow cooker while you are at work or safely connect to shore power while you are on your boat, you can do so with VoltSafe’s magnetic connectors and accompanying apps.


Safe and Simple connection

Using smart technology to make recommendations on how to save money isn’t the only way that VoltSafe will make life more simple for everyone. The company’s simple solution to keeping everyone safe is perhaps the dominant feature of the technology at VoltSafe. Magnetic connectors make access to electrical power as simple as a snap, without the crackle or the pop. Unlike traditional pronged plugs, the magnetic connection to electricity eliminates the risk of sparks or electrical fires. 

You’ve probably struggled with trying to connect your traditional pronged plugs to an electrical outlet. You wiggle it, just a little bit… and sometimes a lot, while connecting or disconnecting from an outlet. Magnets, as opposed to prongs, make the connection easy. If you’ve ever noticed a spark while connecting or disconnecting a pronged plug and it’s put the fear of God in you, well, you are not alone. Sparks, also known as electrical arcs, occur when an electric current passes between two conductors through the air. According to a US study, on average, about 400 people are electrocuted in their homes, leading to about 200 deaths. The numbers are significantly higher for businesses. We are talking about 4,000 people per year in the workplace. 

The magnetic connection of VoltSafe’s connectors will change all that because current only flows when the two magnetic ends connect. The current instantly stops flowing from the moment the magnets disconnect. This means you can touch both the connector and outlet contacts without the fear of being electrocuted. 

Connecting to electrical power can become even more of a challenge if you are a senior or live with a disability. Currently, VoltSafe Winter is receiving rave reviews from seniors and those in the disabled community. It’s even used by amputees as well to assist with their daily lives. 

And safety with an electrical connection affects us all. I am sure that you have tripped over a cord or two in your lifetime. The magnetic connector prevents accidents from occurring whenever a cord decides to lovingly wrap itself around your feet or ankles. The magnetic connection means that the cord will detach with slight pressure. Voila! No more tripping on cords. So it is safe for homes with seniors, children, pets and the accident prone.


Lowering your carbon footprint

Safety and energy savings in the home are important to most families, but so is ensuring that future generations won’t have to struggle to keep their homes warm or cook food. 

We all remember the electrical power shortage in Texas in 2021 and how homeowners had to burn their furniture to stay warm. I like my IKEA furniture and would rather not see it go up in flames. 

By conserving power, each customer will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whether it’s in a home or a business. This will also give utility companies the ability to provide energy in a sustainable and efficient manner. In order to fight climate change, this simple move from pronged plugs to VoltSafe’s magnetic connectors would be monumental when you think about how many homes and businesses require electrical power daily. Countries around the globe are making the move to clean energy sources and have set deadlines to reach goals to move away from dependence on oil or coal. So this means more hybrid or electric cars on the road, which will mean more gas stations, stratas and commercial buildings installing electrical charging stations on their property. The strain on the electrical grid will be great. So now is the time to manage our personal usage so that we won’t have to worry about facing shortages. This management of electrical usage in the home will reduce the demand on the grid, eliminating the need to find additional sources of electricity, which will allow the supply to meet or exceed the demand. This sustainability will also allow utility companies to pass the savings onto the consumer by lowering rates. 

The bottom line  

So you can see how these magnetic connectors will have a major impact on our lives socially, economically, and environmentally. The trend to convert more homes and vehicles on land and sea to running on electricity will drive the need to find a safer connection in the home while saving our pennies and saving the environment. This means that every home will soon own one or more of these magnetic connectors. That sounds like a smarter, safer and a very simple solution for our home, business and global existence. 


About VoltSafe Inc.

Fearless creators, obsessed with progress, VoltSafe Inc. is changing the way people connect to power. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the Canadian tech startup has reinvented the electrical plug by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an “electrical fingerprint”. Using patented technology, VoltSafe has created the world’s safest, simplest, and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes more than 140 years ago. In 2018, VoltSafe successfully pitched on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, receiving three offers above ask and won the BC Cleantech Newcomer award at GLOBE Cleantech 2020 along with other accolades to date. The company’s first certified product to market, VoltSafe Winter (a magnetic extension cord for engine block heaters), is on store shelves in numerous big box retailers across Canada and the USA. The company’s product pipeline includes magnetic plug replacement solutions for household, commercial, industrial, marine, electric and autonomous vehicles, emergency services, data centres and more.