Top 8 reasons this cleantech startup is the next “big thing”

VoltSafe Blog Team – July 19, 2022

Ever dreamed about being your own venture capitalist and investing in the next Nest or Ring? Getting in early with a company changing the world? Revolutionizing a market segment that has barely seen change in more than 140 years?  

Everyone’s heard how billionaire Sir Richard Branson, NBA great Shaquille O’Neal and star rapper Nas invested in Ring early on and benefited tremendously when the company was purchased by Amazon. They all saw potential in the technology early on and knew that it would change the way the world used the doorbell and home security, just as Ring founder Jamie Sminioff set out to revolutionize the archaic doorbell, and Nest founders Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers brought the thermostat into the 21st century. VoltSafe is doing the same by revolutionizing electric plugs and outlets. VoltSafe is changing the way the world connects to high power, from home outlets to the electrification of ocean tankers. If you wished you had invested early on in Ring or Nest, before they were purchased for billions of dollars by tech titans Amazon and Google, then you’ll probably want to take a closer look at VoltSafe Inc.

Here’s why you’ll want to invest now in this inventive tech company… and you don’t have to be an accredited investor to do so.


#1 VoltSafe received THREE offers ABOVE ASK during the pitch on Dragons’ Den
This is a big deal when you consider the fact that the founders did not have a product to market at the time and were merely pitching their technology. After hearing their pitch and trying out their prototype, three of the Dragons made an offer to invest in the company with the second-highest offer in the show’s history.

#2  VoltSafe is the only company in the world to receive safety certification for its magnetic, prongless plug with exposed contacts
VoltSafe successfully navigated archaic standards meant only to allow pronged plugs to pass and received the enormous milestone of successful safety certification in spring 2020. VoltSafe’s patented technology is the only high voltage, magnetic electrical connector and outlet design in the world safely certified with standards rivalling that of aerospace.

#3 VoltSafe has initiated multiple projects with multi-billion dollar global corporations
The significant benefits of connecting an application to high power utilizing magnetics has caught the eye of many large corporations and deep tech projects they are working on. VoltSafe’s technology provides partners with a material edge on competitors and the future proofing of their product offerings.

#4 Patents have been filed in over 40 countries
VoltSafe has filed patents in more than 40 countries and received granted status of its flagship technology in seven countries to date, including the all-important US market. The company expects to continue receiving granted patents around the world in 2022 and into 2023, and continue to expand its IP portfolio.

#5 VoltSafe is partnered on a defense electrification project
VoltSafe has entered into an agreement with Barnacle Systems, a marine security and monitoring company, to pilot its patented technology as an EV charger for electric military vessels. VoltSafe’s technology has significant value-adds in the defense sector and the company expects it to be a robust vertical.

#6 VoltSafe successfully commercialized its beachhead product
VoltSafe Winter, a magnetic extension cord for engine block heaters, is on store shelves in over 400 stores in North America, and is quickly becoming popular amongst automobile owners and retailers. VoltSafe Winter is the world’s first high voltage prongless plug that is safety certified. It attaches to a block heater the same way a traditional extension cord would. Replacing the three prongs on a traditional plug with magnetic contacts along with a unique patented electronic fingerprint technology, it eliminates electrical arcs and risks of electrocution or fire. It can be easily turned on or off, scheduled, or managed with its smart intuitive WiFi enabled app. What’s more, the plug connects and disconnects easily if forgetful drivers leave while plugged in, and its ease of connecting in extremely cold weather makes it popular with those with limited mobility. The company is currently working to expand its line of products into marine, home, autonomous vehicles, shipping, defense, aviation, robotics and more.

#7 There is a small business venture capital tax credit in British Columbia
Many love to support and invest in local businesses.  One advantage for BC residents who invest in a BC based company, like VoltSafe, is the ability to claim the small business venture capital tax credit. 

The small business venture capital tax credit encourages investors to make equity capital investments in eligible BC small businesses, in order to give small businesses access to early stage venture capital to help them develop and grow. In return, BC investors receive a 30% tax credit on their investment.

The credit is fully refundable and can be carried forward for up to 4 years. So, for example, if you invest $5,000 in VoltSafe, you get $1,500 back from the government.

#8 The public can now invest in VoltSafe Inc. for as little as $500
If you’ve always dreamed about considering yourself a venture capitalist, then VoltSafe provides the opportunity to invest in a cleantech company with tremendous growth potential for as little as $500. 


So, if you’d like to get into the venture capital market and invest in a Canadian cleantech company that is catching the eye of large global corporations and government entities, then look no further than VoltSafe. What’s more is your investment is RRSP and TFSA eligible. Check out the company’s currently-open investment opportunity on FrontFundr, closing July 29, 2022.



About VoltSafe Inc.

Fearless creators, obsessed with progress, VoltSafe Inc. is changing the way people connect to power. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the Canadian tech startup has reinvented the electrical plug by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an “electrical fingerprint”. Using patented technology, VoltSafe has created the world’s safest, simplest, and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes more than 140 years ago. In 2018, VoltSafe successfully pitched on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, receiving three offers above ask and won the BC Cleantech Newcomer award at GLOBE Cleantech 2020 along with other accolades to date. The company’s first certified product to market, VoltSafe Winter (a magnetic extension cord for engine block heaters), is on store shelves in numerous big box retailers across Canada and the USA. The company’s product pipeline includes magnetic plug replacement solutions for household, commercial, industrial, marine, electric and autonomous vehicles, emergency services, data centres and more.