6 Ways to Avoid Holiday Deflation During Inflation

VoltSafe Blog Team – December 28, 2022

A few simple steps can help reduce your energy costs this winter.
Energy bills can double or triple during the colder months as we turn on heaters, use electric blankets at nights and ditch the barbeque and salads for oven-cooked meals. You might use the dryer more while you wait for your thick warm clothing to dry. Combine this with the added inflation we are all experiencing and it can really cause strain on bank accounts at an already expensive time of the year. Here are a few ways to keep those energy bills as low as possible:


1) Draft proof your home.
A cold draft and escaping heat not only cause you to crank up that thermostat, but so does condensation caused by the cold draft entering your home. So draft proofing your windows and doors will be the first thing you will want to do.

2) Convection electric baseboard heaters.
Believe it or not, these heat your home quickly and also efficiently. Paired with a programmable thermostat, you could see up to a 30% decrease in your energy bill.

3) Get a programmable thermostat.
This will allow you to control when your heat turns on and off during that day, and once your room has reached a desired temperature, the heater will turn off automatically. You can program your thermostat to keep your home comfortable at 21C in the daytime and 17C at night and while you are away from your home.

4) Lower your dryer cost.
One way is to set your washer on a higher speed spin so that it can whisk out as much moisture as possible. Then, when using the dryer, throw in a couple of dry towels to absorb as much moisture. If you have a low drying, setting or a timer setting or both, use them and watch your energy use drop.

5) Use a countertop convection oven or slow cooker.
Cooking with a convection oven and a slow cooker saves a lot of wasted energy. You can enjoy many of the comfort food that are enjoyed in winter and save money by using the slow cooker for soup, stews, roasts and chillies and the convection oven is great for roasted vegetables, cakes and of course, Christmas cookies in small batches.

6) Get VoltSafe Winter for your engine block heater.
Don’t forget about energy savings opportunities in your garage or driveway. Heating your engine block heater can rack up cost faster than you can say Christmas fruitcake! VoltSafe Winter is a magnetic extension cord that can be scheduled. Not only does it prevent arcing and electrocution, it also helps you save money with the accompanying energy saving timer app. Set a recurring daily or weekly schedule and for the time you will need your block heater to run. It will turn on at the time you set and shut off at the time you set as well. 

To learn more about how VoltSafe Winter is helping homeowners save energy in a safe, simple and smart way, check out voltsafewinter.com



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