VoltSafe Media Release – July 10, 2023

VoltSafe Inc. Joins AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP® to Support the AgeTech Sector

VoltSafe Inc. is excited to announce it has been accepted into the AgeTech CollaborativeTM from AARP® Accelerator program designed to elevate promising early-stage Age-Tech startupsVoltSafe was chosen following a successful Open Mic Challenge pitch that took place on Thursday, March 30th. The competition features startups with solutions that make aging easier for everyone, and the competition’s selection committee was left feeling inspired by the incredible solutions VoltSafe technology can bring to the table to help the AgeTech sector. AgeTech is the growing category of technology solutions designed to meet the needs of the world’s aging population and the more than $45 trillion global economy it represents.

VoltSafe CEO, Trevor Burgess, successfully pitched in the challenge on March 30th and shared his reaction to being selected, “VoltSafe’s patented technology makes connecting to electricity far more accessible for everyone, everywhere. This opportunity to participate in the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP accelerator program reinforces our belief that our technology serves a need that has yet to be addressed. For well over a century, we have made significant strides in advancing technology to help humanity, EXCEPT in the electrical outlet space. We know our product solutions would be a tremendous asset to our aging population and getting the opportunity to work with the AgeTech Accelerator team is very validating. We can’t wait to get started.”

VoltSafe electrical outlets and connectors help make it safer and easier to access and control high voltage electricity than ever before. VoltSafe’s patented technology, specifically the marine, multipurpose extension cord, and home outlet solutions, aligned well with the mission of making life easier for aging populations. The AgeTech Collaborative from AARP Accelerator program will introduce VoltSafe to healthcare networks and provide in-depth insights into the longevity market to help the company level up and better serve people over 50+ years old, empowering them to choose how they live as they age.

VoltSafe will next conduct a series of discussions and strategic planning sessions with the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP Accelerator team over the course of a hands-on 8 week program from mid-July to early September, whereby VoltSafe can tap into decades of research and insights into the 50-plus audience, while receiving hands-on mentorship with like-minded founders in the AgeTech space. The program is designed to be personalized to fit the needs of VoltSafe as a growing business.

For inquiries or information regarding investing in VoltSafe Inc., please contact CFO, Scott Carlson, at invest@voltsafe.com.

About VoltSafe Inc.

VoltSafe Inc. is changing the way people connect to power. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the Canadian tech startup has reinvented the electrical plug by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an “electrical fingerprint”. Using patented technology, VoltSafe has created the world’s safest, simplest, and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes more than 140 years ago. The company’s product pipeline includes magnetic plug replacement solutions for household, commercial, industrial, marine, electric and autonomous vehicles, emergency services, data centres and more.

About AgeTech CollaborativeTM from AARP®

AgeTech CollaborativeTM from AARP® is an unparalleled innovation ecosystem bringing together cutting-edge thinkers in the longevity tech space to champion meaningful advances so that everyone can choose how to live as they age. AARP’s decades of exclusive longevity insights, the breakthrough collaborative ecosystem and community of innovators positions the AgeTech Collaborative to lead the future of AgeTech.