VoltSafe Blog Team – December 11, 2023

That’s A Wrap: VoltSafe Marine’s Grand Ole Appearance at The Docks Expo 2023

The Docks Expo in Nashville, Tennessee became the epicenter of marine innovation and connectivity last week as the VoltSafe team proudly showcased our award-winning, shore power solution, VoltSafe Marine. The Docks Expo is an annual trade show meticulously designed to bring together marina operators, managers, harbourmasters, engineers, consultants, industry professionals, federal and state government agencies, manufacturers, distributors, and marine industrial suppliers. The event spanned three bustling days on December 5th, 6th, and 7th at Music City Centre in downtown Nashville. For Gaurav Parmar, Manager of Business Development, and Philipp Garber, VP of Corporate Development, these were three days of ceaseless engagement and exploration.

The team found themselves immersed in discussions with a diverse array of industry professionals and attended speaking engagements delivered by a series of industry experts. The enthusiasm from both large and mid-sized marina operators for VoltSafe Marine was palpable as they eagerly sought to understand more about the capabilities of the VoltSafe Marine system. The outcome was a flurry of requests for follow-up meetings, indicative of the growing interest in integrating the VoltSafe Marine system into their docks. 

The real highlight of the expo lay in the dynamic interaction and engagement with the crowd. This direct engagement proved to be an invaluable source of feedback on both the hardware and software applications of our marine shore power system. Attendees expressed their excitement about certain features they envisioned on their docks immediately and provided constructive suggestions on improving the overall user experience. This wealth of information became a catalyst for the VoltSafe team’s commitment to elevating this already popular pedestal and marine management system.

The post-show period took on significance as the team swiftly worked to channel the valuable commentary and observations gained back to the engineering team. This feedback loop is aimed to fuel innovations that aid in taking VoltSafe Marine from great to greater; VoltSafe prides itself on constantly listening, always striving to reach new levels by aligning with the dynamic needs and expectations of the marine industry.

During the show, amidst the business buzz and technological advancements, The Docks Expo took an emotional turn during a talk delivered by a family that had tragically lost their daughter to electrical shock drowning (ESD). The raw and impactful narrative moved some in the crowd to tears, underscoring the critical importance of safety in the marine industry. We appreciate the strength it took for them to share their story and are grateful for their courage to speak out on this issue. The attention these tragedies bring to the issue will help prompt the industry to find the necessary solution to end ESD’s and save lives. 

At VoltSafe, safety is not just a priority, it’s the cornerstone of our mission. The reduction of electrical shock drownings is a cause we are passionately committed to addressing. VoltSafe Marine’s capability to detect current leakage at the outlet level was emphasized as a crucial step toward this goal. The hope is that, through collaborative efforts with companies possessing technology to detect current leakage in the water, ESD’s can be eliminated.

The Docks Expo was not merely a showcase of technology, it was a testament to VoltSafe’s dedication to safety, innovation, and collaboration within the marine community. As we forge ahead, we envision a future where the waters are not only technologically advanced but more importantly, they are safe for all to enjoy.

While the trade show grind for 2023 has come to an end and our team will get a much needed break for the Holidays. It won’t last long, however, as our bags will be packed to attend and join the conversations at the ABYC Standards Week January 7th to 11th, followed by the AMI Conference & Expo in Fort Lauderdale from January 30th to February 1st. Stay in the know with all of our upcoming events and updates by following us on LinkedIn or Instagram in the days and weeks to come. 

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