VoltSafe Blog Team – May 17, 2024

VoltSafe Presents Multiple Growth Opportunities in the Climatetech Arena

The rapidly increasing need for electricity as we move to running our homes, workplaces and cities on renewable sources of power has placed a lot of pressure on the current production infrastructure. Governments are quickly passing bills to address the demand but are concerned about how quickly the ability to meet the rising demand will occur. Enter VoltSafe tech. VoltSafe distinguishes itself from other climatetech companies by providing solutions that can be introduced immediately to solve both infrastructure and electrical grid demand concerns. Our novel hardware and software solutions also address safety issues such as fires or electrocution and reduces the risk of damage to infrastructure and property. As an inventive, solutions-based climatetech company, VoltSafe presents immense growth potential based upon its innovative hardware and SaaS (Software as a Service) products, delivering on our core commitment to fostering sustainability.

The Climatetech Advantage

Climatetech – short for climate technology – is a burgeoning sector that focuses on developing technologies aimed at mitigating climate change and promoting sustainability. VoltSafe has groundbreaking innovations in the realm of energy management and conservation to assist with these efforts. Our magnetic electrical connectors ranging from extension cords, to autonomous charging, home outlets, marine shore power pedestal systems and more, measure energy granular usage, allowing control of how much power is used right down to the outlet level. The control of power usage and management is placed in the hands of the user and it also gives utility companies a vital lens to effectively reduce waste. The app enables the user to schedule when power is used, and turn off select items during peak demand hours. The ‘power’ in power management not only offers up cost savings, more importantly, it delivers on energy savings in a big way. By focusing on energy conservation, we can reduce the costs (both monetary and environmental) associated with building new plants and offer grids the opportunity to purchase unused power back for redistribution.

Innovative Solutions

At the core of a VoltSafe connector is its revolutionary smart electrical fingerprint technology. The device is equipped with advanced sensors and connectivity features allowing users to monitor and control their energy consumption remotely through a dashboard or smartphone app. This not only empowers consumers to make informed decisions about their energy usage but also facilitates significant reductions in wastage, leading to lower electricity bills and reduced carbon footprints. Furthermore, the technology is scalable with the ability to meet any high voltage power usage need, in various sectors and markets. The possibilities are endless.

Addressing Environmental Challenges

Climate change remains one of the most pressing challenges of our time, with the need for implementing effective solutions becoming increasingly urgent. Our hardware and software solutions proactively contribute to the fight against climate change by promoting energy efficiency and conservation, putting VoltSafe technology at the core of the electrification of everything. By enabling individuals and businesses to monitor and optimize their energy usage easily, VoltSafe technology plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a more sustainable future. In the marina sector for example, energy consumption from idle boats sitting on the dock contribute to 2.6 to 4.1MT of carbon emissions annually. VoltSafe Marine has the potential to reduce those emissions by over 1MT.  It is one of the reasons VoltSafe was chosen as a Most Investable Canadian company in this space.

VoltSafe’s ongoing commitment to drive positive climate change is a core reason we have joined several collaborative organizations such as the  International Electric Marine Assocation (IEMA), Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate (VMCC), and Washington Maritime Blue. These brilliant cohorts are dedicated to accelerating a zero emissions maritime industry with a thriving blue economy – something VoltSafe can easily relate to.

VoltSafe is connecting with the biggest U.S. climatetech markets. We had an active role in the United States Climatetech: Canadian Technology Accelerator, underscoring the interest and demand in our patented technology and its positive effects on reducing our global carbon footprint in the largest climatetech markets in the U.S. including San Francisco, Boston and New York. We’re currently nearing the final stages of Creative Destruction Labs’ Oceans Stream Initiative by CDL-Atlantic. Our selection into this accelerator program reinforces the value that our breakthrough plug technology delivers to advancing improvements to electrical safety, automation, sustainability, and overall human welfare. And last but not least, last summer, VoltSafe was chosen by the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles to participate in the SoCal Cleantech Express initiative – a diverse cohort that breaks new ground in the Ports and Logistics ecosystem helping California meet its sustainability goals and move towards a cleaner future.  Speaking of California, VoltSafe CTO, Sanad Aridah has twice presented and participated in IGNITE22: Global Tech Showcase & Summit, where entrepreneurs, innovators, and future thinkers come together to network & explore the blue tech industry.

Market Potential

Awareness of climate change continues to increase and governments worldwide implement stricter regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions with set electrification goals. As a result,  VoltSafe is seeing a high demand for its products. Sectors in the marine, defense, robotics,  farming, healthcare and home solutions industries are eager to get VoltSafe’s technology and products into their spaces. VoltSafe is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, with its hardware and software products poised to become integral components of energy-efficient homes and businesses. Currently, there are several marinas that are piloting Voltsafe Marine and have already expressed how much VoltSafe Marine will not only help them meet regulations but also assist with improving efficiency and profit margins. The company recently secured a half million dollar contract with the Government of Canada to produce its 15 amp prongless connector for the defense sector. Both the marine and defense sectors have to deal with the high power consumption of idle vessels and vehicles. VoltSafe’s solutions will help resolve that issue. 


Strong Growth Prospects

Beyond its environmental benefits, VoltSafe Inc has a strong appeal to those seeking to improve safety when it comes to the connection to power and electricity. For our piloting marinas, Voltsafe Marine has shown its ability to prevent potential fires and dock damage, not to mention its ability to contribute to the reduction in electrical shock drownings (ESD). For homes and the healthcare field, it’s the ability to prevent both electrocutions as well as tripping hazards. Those in the defense, farming and emergency vehicle sector, like the easy disconnect feature of the plug. The fact that they can also use the accompanying software to identify issues and reduce the cost of electricity consumption presents a genuine game-changing product. VoltSafe is forging strategic partnerships and expansion plans to support its future growth and profitability. As more consumers and businesses adopt smart energy solutions, VoltSafe aims to capture a significant share of this market through our patented technology.


What is unique about VoltSafe, compared to other climatetech companies, is its ability to both license its technology and commercialize its own line of products. Successful partnerships with production plants has allowed the company to commercialize our beachhead product, VoltSafe Winter, with VoltSafe Marine on deck for production now. The proprietary dashboard and app for these solutions were also created in-house by the company’s brilliant team of engineers and developers.  


VoltSafe represents a unique opportunity to align financial interests with environmental stewardship. As a trailblazing Canadian climatetech company, VoltSafe offers solutions to address pressing environmental challenges while also promising strong financial returns for both customers and investors. With its groundbreaking technology, commitment to sustainability, and scalability, VoltSafe’s growth trajectory is exceeding expectations. To learn more, simply follow us on social media. Interested in becoming an investor or partner? Contact us via email at invest@voltsafe.com.


About VoltSafe Inc.

VoltSafe Inc. is changing the way people connect to power. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the Canadian tech startup has reinvented the electrical plug by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an “electrical fingerprint”. Using patented technology, VoltSafe has created the world’s safest, simplest, and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes more than 140 years ago. The company’s product pipeline includes magnetic plug replacement solutions for household, commercial, industrial, marine, electric and autonomous vehicles, emergency services, data centres and more.