Electrical plugs haven’t significantly changed in over 140 years.

In that time, humankind has invented radio, flight, television, spacecrafts, the Internet, the Hadron Collider, CRISPR and AI, yet we still plug our toasters in like our great great grandparents. Our obsession with progress inspired us to fix it for good.

Meet the world's first high-voltage prongless plug.

VoltSafe tech eliminates prongs, using magnets and an ‘electrical fingerprint’ to connect to electricity.  From home to automotive, sea to sky, EV, AV, emergency services, armed forces, data centres and more, our reach and impact is extensive and the road ahead, electrifying.

Smarter than a smart plug.

Electricity can be monitored and managed at the plug level, optimizing efficiency and saving money.  It can be controlled from a WiFi-enabled device or dashboard.  VoltSafe tech also enables the potential for a whole list of future capabilities directly from the plug face like: data communication, AC or DC power, device load classification, etc.

Obsessed with progress.

Pronged plug design hasn’t really changed in over 140 years, yet society today demands safer, more accessible product design and the need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.  Residential smart plug adoption will substantially reduce our carbon footprint. VoltSafe’s, patented technology improves energy efficiency and further accelerates adoption of smart plugs. This brings with it a positive social, economic and environmental impact, contributing to a more accessible and sustainable world.