About Us

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, VoltSafe is a Canadian tech startup that has innovated on the electrical plug, with the first ever prongless magnetic plug for high power. Using ground-breaking, patented technology, VoltSafe has created the world’s safest, simplest, and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes more than 140 years ago. In 2018, VoltSafe pitched on Dragons’ Den, receiving three offers above ask and won the BC Cleantech Newcomer award at GLOBE Cleantech 2020.  In 2023, VoltSafe won TWO CES Innovation Awards for its Marine and Home applications. The company’s product pipeline includes magnetic plug replacement solutions for household, commercial, industrial, marine, emergency services, defence, autonomous and electric vehicles and more. 

 VoltSafe employs an incredible group of entrepreneurial spirits with a passion to innovate, work hard, and play hard.

These are our people

Picture of Trevor Burgess

Trevor Burgess

As VoltSafe’s Ship Skipper, Trevor states that entrepreneurship is like a box of chocolates, you never know quite what you’re gonna get from one day to the next. It’s so dynamic that the only thing he does know is that it will consume you and you will consume it. He loves the team culture and diversity VoltSafe has collectively been built upon.

Picture of Sanad Aridah

Sanad Aridah

Circuit whisperer and new age entrepreneur, holding a BASc in Electrical & Computer Engineering from UBC, with a specialization in nanotechnology and microsystems. Sanad has a strong passion for ideation, prototyping, and advancement in electrical designs, and is driven by making the impossible possible.

Picture of Scott Carlson

Scott Carlson

After almost two decades at Canada’s largest investment banks, Scott brings extensive experience in financial & corporate strategy. He is a proven leader with a passion for financial analysis, corporate finance and business development

Picture of Terri Breker

Terri Breker

Terri’s responsible for VoltSafe’s overall brand direction, digital and social content, customer service and communications. She’s motivated to put VoltSafe on a global map as a blue chip brand and cites the hard work and passion of the tight-knit VoltSafe family working hard towards a common goal as the main reason she wanted to join the team.

Picture of Alexandra Ruiz

Alexandra Ruiz

With almost two decades of experience in media communications, television production and digital marketing, Alex brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to the VoltSafe team as Chief Executive Floater. She is a proven leader looking forward to sharing her passion and excitement for innovative, clean technologies.

Picture of Adrian Scillato

Adrian Scillato

Adrian holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering. A problem-solver at heart, Adrian has a strong understanding of software development, project management, and team leadership. As a Senior Embedded Software Engineer at VoltSafe Inc, he is responsible for managing firmware development for safety critical projects and ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality and innovative products to customers. In his free time, Adrian enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. He is also an avid sports fan and enjoys playing and watching football.

Picture of Mani Jafari

Mani Jafari

Mani is one of VoltSafe’s mobile application development and maintenance gurus with a keen focus on UX/UI front-end elements of application.  Mani is the proud papa of a 9 year old dog who, like Mani, exhibits a puppy-like behaviour – full of enthusiasm and energy every day.

Picture of George Al-Haddad

George Al-Haddad

George’s core job is to build new features and software products across the VoltSafe tech stack. He loves the teamwork and exciting tech VoltSafe is developing daily. Citing his favourite snack as being Reese’s peanut butter cups, George also has a random superstition – he has to step evenly with each foot on concrete slabs along a sidewalk. George wants to travel Europe in the near future. In his spare time, when not perusing Youtube, he loves gaming, motorcycles and catching up on zzz’s.

Picture of Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang

Andrew’s role at VoltSafe is to connect our customers to our products by creating seamless, intuitive user experiences. He applies his power of mind-reading to design interfaces that work for people. His primary focus is on web and mobile applications. He loves the unique challenges that he is presented with at VoltSafe and the potential impact our technologies can make on a global scale.

When not working, Andrew enjoys taking in an episode of the series Warrior playing basketball, golf, sketching, and painting. He also looks forward to traveling to Japan, New Zealand, or Switzerland one day.

Picture of Ashaya Sharma

Ashaya Sharma

Computer Engineering graduate with experience predominantly in software. He has been exposed to the technical aspects of building a project from the ground up. Solving problems using technology is his passion.

Picture of James Hathway

James Hathway

James’ main responsibility is the creation and development of new product form factors for future products. His passion for creating the look and feel of new disruptive products is what inspires him to work hard everyday. He is an avid athlete and spends his spare time lifting weights along with being a huge Oregon Ducks football fan.

Picture of Will McKnight

Will McKnight

Will’s role in VoltSafe’s lab is to build safety and EMC compliant connectors. He loves that he is in the company of team members who are willing to pitch in to help accomplish a task regardless of their position at their company.

His favourite way to relax is to go climbing, biking, functional training workouts at F-45 then wind down to couch potato mode to watch an episode of Game of Thrones. He hopes to have his own dire wolves one day and has picked out names (a golden retriever “Gordon” after Gordon Ramsey or a duck toller named Luka). If the opportunity presented itself, he would be most interested to have an in-depth conversation with Rick Hartley.

Picture of Keenan Bell

Keenan Bell

Keenan’s primary focus is on analog circuit design, designing and testing our new tech making it as reliable, robust, and safe as possible. Keenan loves the freedom of being able to invent creative solutions to issues instead of following status quo. In spare time, Keenan loves to read, ride bikes, and wander alleyways in search of discarded microwaves and other electronics, pilfering their precious metallic internals for use in some weird project.  As a child his birth mother left him abandoned on the front step of VoltSafe. Although apprehensive at first, the hardware engineers took him in as their own and raised Keenan, teaching him the ways of our kind.

Picture of Jonathon Lavery

Jonathon Lavery

Jonathon joins VoltSafe as a Mechanical Engineer and works on a range of hardware for a variety of our products. He is better known as Jon to most of his friends, and hails from Calgary, Alberta. Jon loves the water so much that he earned a SKGABC Level 1 kayak certification and worked briefly as a guide. He enjoys spending time in the west coast of Mexico and Vancouver Island, both of which have provided a lot of scenic views to fulfill his passions for hiking, camping and photography. Jon is a fan of the late Johnny Cash, and when asked which celebrity he would (if it were still possible) to have dinner with, Johnny’s the one.

Picture of Stanley Cheung

Stanley Cheung

Stanley’s core responsibility is to build an internal dashboard for VoltSafe employees to handle everything from device data management to customer relations management.  When not at work, he loves spending time with his 1.5 year old black standard poodle Nala who loves salmon. Stanley enjoys reading articles and watching TV shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley. He loves watching movies as well and would love the opportunity to have dinner with Quentin Tarantino to discuss  their mutual love of movies and some of Tarantino’s wild scene takes.  Stanley also likes going on walks so much that his dream vacation would be to hike the Swiss Alps.

Picture of Rich Koh

Rich Koh

Rich has a direct hand in bringing life to the VoltSafe brand, its tech and products. Rich is a veteran creative designer who produces incredible visual content to help tell the VoltSafe brand story. Rich gets excited about revolutionizing antiquated tech and claims he loves being surrounded by people way smarter than himself

Picture of Lorraine C

Lorraine C

As a Customer Success Associate at VoltSafe, Lorraine’s shares her enthusiasm with customers providing a first-class level of service. She loves how much VoltSafe products are making a difference in the lives of everyone from those with accessibility concerns to those who are just looking for a safer, simpler and smarter solution to connect to electricity. Lorraine loves Instagram storytelling, spending time getting to know other people and hearing about their background, as well as volunteering with programs to help those in need.

Picture of Derby


Derby loves visiting VoltSafe and encourages people to take her for a walk while she leads the trek with her own leash, pulling the ‘walker’ behind her.  A big fan of having her photo taken, Derby also loves peanut butter, ice cream and breakfast, lunch and dinner. Derby spent her youthful months growing up in the VoltSafe office, and has a desk (bed) and play area in the marketing department. 

Picture of Ola


Ola is VoltSafe’s gentle giant. A regular in-office doggo of VoltSafe, Ola spends his time trying to avoid the other office dogs (Derby) while patiently waiting for his Dad, Mani, to finish up for the day and take him for a walk and to reward his hard work with a treat. 

Picture of Nazar Shpak

Nazar Shpak

VoltSafe Headquarters would not be nearly as efficient nor organized if not for Nazar who works tirelessly to get endless tasks done. When he does have a weekend to enjoy some down time, he tries to figure out the Top 3 Bosnian songs of all time or watches medieval battle re-enactments. His weekends will commonly be described it as “good enough” and as the busiest guy at VoltSafe and a man of few words, it’s also why his bio is this brief too.

Picture of Hector Frossard

Hector Frossard

Hector is a fan fave at VoltSafe and is of the company’s most versatile employees working on system administration, operations and offering engineering support. On any given day, Hector can be counted upon to pinch hit on any number of VoltSafe tasks. His wide depth of knowledge is one of the things he loves most about working with the company as it allows him the chance to work with nearly the entire team on a vast array of projects spanning so many different areas of the business. Originally from Brazil, Hector now makes North Vancouver his home. When he’s not working countless hours, Hector loves hiking the beautiful mountainous areas of his home town in North Van and having fun with racing simulators. If the opportunity presented itself, Hector would enjoy picking the brain of Finnish-American software engineer, Linus Torvalds, the main developer of the Linux kernel used by Linux distros and other operating systems such as Android and Chrome OS.

Advisory Board Members

Picture of Ross Gray

Ross Gray

IoT Connected Services

Picture of Jim Gray

Jim Gray

VP, Head of Global Legal Operations,

Picture of Charles Gadalla

Charles Gadalla

Head of Product Development
Digital eXperience,
Pure Storage

Picture of Martin Durlak

Martin Durlak

President & CEO, Generation Marketing

Picture of Dory Meynert

Dory Meynert

Senior Director of Market Development, Supplyframe

Picture of Elisabeth  Charmley

Elisabeth Charmley

Senior Manager,
West Cost Marine Initiatives (Gov't of BC)
Co-Founder, VMCC
Naval architect

Picture of Dr. Martin Ordonez

Dr. Martin Ordonez

Canada Research Chair & UBC Professor

Picture of Jeffrey Poole

Jeffrey Poole

CEO, Siren Marine
Founder, Fluid Sense
Tidepoole, Blue Tech
Advisory & Consulting

Picture of Meiz Majdoub

Meiz Majdoub

Managing Partner, Mostar Ventures
Founder, Technology Management Program (Royal Canadian Navy)