We have compiled a series of common questions and answers that arise with the VoltSafe Winter magnetic extension cord so you can resolve any concerns you may be experiencing with your device.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for here? Simply contact us at support@voltsafe.com and our team will be more than happy to assist you.


Yes, the VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug works like an extension cord.  All you have to do is connect the active and passive ends, and plug it into an electrical outlet. The LED indicator will flash blue then turn white after 2 minutes. The white light indicates that current is flowing through the cord. If you do not see a flashing blue or white light contact support@Voltsafe.com and we will be happy to assist you.

The VoltSafe Winter app is compatible with Android Version 10 and above, iOS version 12 and above.

The VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug can be used without the use of a phone, bluetooth or wifi. It turns on when both the active side are connected and physically connected to a power source. To turn if off, simply disconnect the active side from the passive side. You would only need to use the VoltSafe Winter app and require Wifi connection , if you want to set a schedule or turn it on and off while using the app.

With the active and passive sides  of the VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug connected, connect the unit into an electrical outlet. The LED indicator light will flash blue (advertising bluetooth) then turn a solid white (current flowing) after 2 minutes. If you do not see a flashing blue or white light contact support@Voltsafe.com and we will be happy to assist you.

For iOS users, go to the App Store and search “VoltSafe Winter” to download the free app or tap the button below.

For Android users, go to the “Google Play” Store and search “VoltSafe Winter” to download the free app or hit the button below.

WiFi is only needed to run updates to the device’s firmware if/when needed, to retrieve schedules and turn the device on and off remotely.

Prior to installation, plug your device into an outlet with both the active and passive sides connected. The LED indicator light will flash blue to then turn solid white after 2 minutes. If it does not change to solid white after two minutes, contact support@voltsafe.com

If the light has gone to solid white, disconnect the plug from the power source and separate the active and passive side. If you are connecting more than one device to the app, ensure that they are all disconnected from a power source and set them up one at a time by following the steps below.

  • Make sure to connect to a 2.4GHz wifi( most routers will have this available, contact your internet provider if you need assistance)
  • Make sure your plug and phone are in the same room as your modem/router for best connection.
    Ensure that your battery saver is off and that wifi, Bluetooth and location is enabled before proceeding
  • Click here for the step by step instructions
  1. Complete the onboarding process to connect your plug to the app here.
  2. Click the “+SCHED” button.
  3. Use the +/- buttons to edit duration.
  4. Set start and stop time by adjusting circle slider.
  5. Tap corresponding day of week bubbles if you want recurring schedules. If none are selected, the set schedule will be effective within the 24 hour window of the schedule being set.
  6. Confirm schedule parameters.

    *day date is shown when there is no recurrence.

    *only start and stop will show with a  recurring schedule.
  7. Hit save.
  8. Successful schedule(s) will be added to the schedule accordion.

    This can be viewed by clicking on the “chevron” arrow.

    To delete a schedule, select the schedule by tapping on it. This will open the schedule window. Tap the trash can icon on the upper right of the screen to delete the schedule.

If you have the most recent version of the app and VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug, you can set a weekly recurring schedule (eg. everyday, weekdays, every Thursday, etc) . The original version of the app must be set daily.

If your VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug is running firmware version 2.2.6 or above, when the device loses then regains power, it will attempt to re-establish a connection to your WiFi network. Once it successfully connects to your Wifi, schedules will be retrieved. If connection to your Wifi fails, then the VoltSafe winter would be cleared of all schedules until it regains WiFi connectivity.

No, but you can set multiple schedules within a 24 hr period to turn the plug on and off.

Yes, device can be “renamed” in device settings.

  1. Tap the gear icon.

  2. Hit the name of the device.

  3. Tap “done” or “enter” or “√” on the bottom right of your keyboard.

Currently, the VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug is not compatible with any smart home platforms, however development is underway to make it compatible with these platforms.

Yes, the latest version of the app paired with your VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug will allow you  to control multiple devices and cars (no limit).

The VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug connects to your smartphone via Wifi. So you just need to make sure that the active side is within range of your wireless router(within 50 ft) and that your mobile device is also connected to your WiFi network. Sometimes, building construction material or size of the home can interfere with the connection. Simply add a booster or repeater close to your plug to provide a stable connection.

Since releasing app version 2.2.1 and with the latest firmware (2.2.7) update, we switched from Bluetooth to WiFi communication. This makes the VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug an IOT or “Internet of Things” device . Bluetooth is momentarily used during onboarding, so it is recommended to be within close range to your VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug during onboarding and adding a new device. All other functionality such as toggling on and off, scheduling and updating are done over WiFi.

The app requires access to the phone’s location in order to find the VoltSafe Winter unit using Bluetooth. The VoltSafe Winter contains a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon, which is associated with location and is quite common in other smart devices. In order to use the BLE scanner function to find a nearby device, the app requires the user’s permission to access location. Without this permission, the app will not be able to pair with the VoltSafe Winter Magnetic Block Heater plug. Both Android and iOS operating systems have made the request for location permissions a mandatory requirement for all hardware IoT devices which use Bluetooth to pair, so this isn’t unique to the VoltSafe Winter but simply something common to many smart devices.

Once the weather drops below -35°C, we recommend that you skip the use of the timer and just leave your block heater running. While it’s designed for winter, your VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug is still a smart device and may struggle to turn on once its internal temperature drops below -35°C.
If you connect the two ends (as usual) after it has sat in -35°C or below temperatures for most of the day, the white light might not turn on. In that case, the unit is too cold and will need to be warmed up a bit. Bring your VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug inside for a few hours and try again. You can also take the cord with you while you are driving. Once the white light stays on for 30 seconds (after first connecting), the current running through the VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug will keep it warm.


While the two sides are connected, if the LED indicator does not change from flashing blue to solid white after 2 minutes, contact support@voltsafe.com with a short video so we can assess your connection and provide troubleshooting assistance.

If you have set a schedule, each time you connect your VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug to an electrical outlet, it will turn white momentarily as it pulls the schedules from the cloud, then turn off if it is not scheduled to be on at the time you have plugged it into the outlet.

Try connecting  a lamp to the same outlet or connect your plug to a different outlet nearby to see if the LED lights start flashing. If it does not please send a short video to support@voltsafe.com  so we can take a look at the connection and assist with troubleshooting.

If a solid white light remains on when you unplug the cord, please unplug the unit from the wall and contact VoltSafe Service at support@voltsafe.com.

A flashing blue LED light indicates that the device is in pairing mode and is trying to connect to your smartphone.

Your device may be powered off or out of network range(50 ft):

  • Bring your device closer to your Wireless router
  • Unplug and plug your device back into power
  • Make sure your phone is connected to the internet
  • Delete Device in Device Settings then add it back with the Add Device button
  • If you live on a large property, adding a booster or repeater will help with connecting to your network.

As with any smart device, we are constantly improving our device and its app. Occasionally, you may get a notice to update your firmware (or the app). Simply follow these steps.

  1. Click on the gear icon to go to Device Settings.
  2. In device settings, click on the Firmware Version row.
  3. This will search for any outstanding updates.
  4. If there is an update available, please click “install” to proceed.


VoltSafe Winter has been safety certified by Intertek (ETL) in accordance with Canadian (CSA) and USA (UL) standards for use on resistive loads up to 840 watts. To check on the wattage draw of your block heater, contact your dealership to determine the power draw of your block heater with a power meter or have your mechanic check on the draw during your annual check up. 

VoltSafe Winter is specifically designed and tested for use with Engine Block Heaters that draw 840W or 7A at 120V or less – it is not recommended to be used with any other products. If you are unsure, you can check the wattage of your block heater with your dealership.

The VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug is designed specifically for outdoor use and for block heaters only.

The initial release of the VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug for engine block heaters has an optimal-use temperature range of -35°C to +35°C and is not recommended for use in weather outside of this range. The latest version of VoltSafe Winter (V 1.5) was tested successfully in temperatures down to -50°C. If the temperatures drop below -35C, remove any schedules from the app and keep the cord plugged in and on.

Use a damp soft cloth, tissue or microfiber cloth to wipe your contacts before connecting the active and passive sides. If there are markings that don’t wipe off, use a jeweler’s cloth to buff the contacts.

We offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. Any defects in material and workmanship will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the customer, provided that the customer returns their device in less than 12 months after the initial purchase date with proof of purchase.

The VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug is carefully designed to reject standard magnets. As such, it will not turn on if a standard magnet is used with it.

The VoltSafe Magnetic Block Heater Plug is carefully designed to reject standard magnets and as such will not turn on if a standard magnet is used with or near it.

Even when plugged in, the contacts are safe to touch! Thanks to our patented technology, live electricity is trapped behind the contact unless the two ends are connected, which allows electricity to flow.

The product is available in over 120 select stores in Alberta, Manitoba & Saskatchewan (Canadian Tire, Co-Op, Princess Auto, Sutherland Auto). Please CLICK HERE for our store locator.
It is also available for purchase on Amazon and of course, you can order it directly from VoltSafe HERE.

Check your cord to see if you have the arctic or non-arctic rated cord – if the printing on the side says SJT, the cord is functional to temperatures down to -20°C. If it says SJT-W, the cord should withstand temperatures down to -50°C.

This could be a rare warranty issue whereby the magnetic strength was weakened due to a manufacturing issue. VoltSafe technicians can assess the unit’s magnetic strength to ensure it is to standard, and fix or replace it for you as quickly as possible should it be under warranty. Contact support@voltsafe.com

Our product has been safety certified by Intertek (ETL) in accordance with Canadian (CSA) and USA (UL) standards for use on resistive loads up to 840 watts.

We recommend its purpose be used exclusively with engine block heaters only of 840W or less to maintain peak performance and warranty coverage.

We take the privacy of our customers seriously and do not collect or store any fine location information or any private user data. This has been independently verified by Apple and Google when the App was submitted to their stores. For more information, please check out the “App Privacy” section and policy mentioned in our listing on Apple Store or Google Play Store.