Electrification using VoltSafe tech has a positive social, economic and environmental impact.

Pronged plug design hasn’t really changed in the last 100 years, yet society today demands safer, more accessible product design and the need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Residential smart plug adoption will substantially reduce our carbon footprint. VoltSafe’s patented technology improves energy efficiency and further accelerates adoption of smart plugs. This brings with it a positive social, economic and environmental impact, contributing to a more accessible and sustainable world.

Social Impact

We make connecting to electricity simpler, safer and smarter for everyone.

Groundbreaking Tech

We’ve created the world’s first prongless plug technology for high voltage that is the safest, simplest and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes over 140 years ago.

No Arcs, Sparks, Fires

Arc-fault and ground-fault circuit interruption is part of our technology’s blueprint, therefore eliminating the risk of shocks, arcs, sparks and fires. 

Unprecedented Safety

Our products reach safety levels near that of aerospace. They can be waterproof, dust-proof and deliver electricity instantaneously, but ONLY once both sides are completely connected. 


Eliminating prongs and connecting with magnets makes it simple and easy, no matter where you’re plugging in. Tripping hazards are greatly reduced as well as the risk of damaged plugs or devices.

Simply Smart

Our smart app ensures optimal energy usage creating positive impact to both GHG reduction and your wallet. 

Economical Impact

Electricity is all around us but is invisible, so we don’t often think about the amount of electricity we consume ( and waste ).

Energy Monitoring

With built-in energy monitoring, users know exactly how much power is consumed by each device, at the plug level, in real-time. Save time, save energy, save money. Our technology’s best-in-class energy monitoring achieves > 99% accuracy.

Energy Management

Although breaker and control panels can estimate overall power usage, they are unable to accurately predict what is plugged in downstream. They’re also unable to control an outlet without turning the entire 15A circuit breaker on/off.

VoltSafe-enabled products provide granular energy monitoring and control at the outlet level, resulting in a user experience (UX) that is seamless and actionable, giving users the power to reduce their footprint.

Environmental Impact

VoltSafe tech contributes to a global vision that is both sustainable and efficient.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Fossil-fuels are not sustainable and harm our environment. Our patented tech accelerates a shift in both how we consume energy as well as how we manage it. This results in less greenhouse gas emissions, helping to do our part to reverse climate change.

Less Waste

We can all benefit from cleaner air, water and soil. VoltSafe can shine a spotlight on wasted electricity in buildings and remove key hurdles to large-scale supply and demand side energy management initiatives. Products that are “powered by VoltSafe” serve to increase adoption rates of smart plugs by providing  aerospace-level safety and accessibility at no additional cost.

Load-Factor Detection

VoltSafe enabled products detect load-factor (inductive, capacitive, resistive) allowing utility companies to easily correct for this potentially costly offset. By installing VoltSafe enabled products, electricity consumption and related GHG emissions can be significantly reduced.


Electrifying the world using our tech and products allows for automation, monitors power usage in real-time from each plug and predicts demand, enabling utility providers to best serve everyone’s needs reliably and efficiently. With widespread power-monitoring in residential, commercial and small business, we maximize our energy use effectively. When we conserve power, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s what matters. We’re creating a more accessible and sustainable world that is safely, simply and smartly connected to electricity.