Nazar and his team have currently established a logistical route from the Polish border into Ukraine. With team-members in cities along the way, they are able to get supplies to central Kyiv where it will be most needed.

Some materials (below) are currently in very low supply and difficult to source in Ukraine and surrounding European countries, therefore we can help from North America.

Please look through this list of supplies needed and let us know if you can help with a donation of supplies or have any connections for procurement:

See supply list from Nazar



– 2-way radios (preferably battery-powered because there may not be the ability to re-charge) 

– Digital radios (or any good portable radio)

– Small, powerful LED flashlights (strong, metal kind with powerful light)

– Tablets with bluetooth keyboards



– Tourniquets (a medical device to help stop bleeding if someone loses a limb)

– Nasopharyngeal Airway Kits

– Trauma shears/ scissors

– Chest seals w/ vent (for punctured lungs)

– Compression bandages

– Gauze

– Trauma Kits in general (cost about $150-$200 and have a lot of the medical equipment above)



– AK magazine bags/ pouches

– Binoculars 

– Military Belt Harness/ body harness (to hang medical equipment/ radios/ artillery bags off of)

– Tactical Sling Bag

– Tactical Duty Belt

– Drones (need to be procured & Nazar will find funding from Ukrainian Army)

– Scopes (need to be procured & Nazar will find funding from Ukrainian Army)