Truly Automated Charging

VoltSafe has made completely autonomous, high-power rapid charging a reality.

While some claim to have automated the charging process, no one has perfected it – until now. VoltSafe connectors are conductive, magnetic power cords that deliver safe and rapid charging for UGVs, fleets, drones, robotics and more.

So go ahead.  Set your autonomous vehicles free.


VoltSafe AV connectors allows autonomous vehicles to self-dock and auto-release which saves time and labour compared to human-involved charging.

Free Your AV

With versatile design solutions VoltSafe connectors can be fitted for ceiling, wall or ground-mounted charging ports.

Hover-and-latch, maneuver closely, self guiding to <3 inches to the connector location, then the magnets latch on.

High-Power Connection

Like pronged electrical plugs, VoltSafe technology isn’t limited by power (voltage or amperage) requirements. Power levels can scale to three-phase power and DC-fast charging. VoltSafe is NOT inductive charging.

Highest Level of Safety

VoltSafe connectors are the only prongless high-power connectors (in the world) certified to UL and CSA safety standards. VoltSafe power connectors have the highest safety level commercially acheivable in the world.

Central Control

All VoltSafe connectors are smart and can be contolled and monitored with an app:

  • Monitor charge status from your desktop

  • Regulate charge speed, prioritize vehicles as needed

  • Identify poor battery performance ahead of breakdowns

  • Energy monitoring for precise ESG and operational reporting

The “Electrification of Everything”

VoltSafe technology is at the core of any industry – residential, commercial, industrial, and military.


Deliver safe, rapid charging for UGVs, fleets, drones, and robotics. With effortless electromagnetic self-connection and auto-release, versatile design, and smart central control, VoltSafe technology enables autonomous charging, saving time, reducing risks to personnel. Support efficient vehicle prioritization, while obtaining precise energy monitoring for reporting.

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Get safe and efficient, fully-automated charging solutions that allow for convenient deployment and rapid recharging, while supporting scalability and enhancing safety. Remove the need for labour and increase sustainability for improved drone performance across numerous industries.

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Improve operational efficiency, productivity, and cost savings by enabling machinery to recharge or refuel without human intervention. Enhance safety, scalability, and environmental sustainability by reducing downtime and optimizing equipment utilization.

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Wherever there is high power, VoltSafe can create the magnetic connectors to safely conduct the electricity and the energy management dashboard to pair with it across any residential, commercial, industrial, defence or security industry.

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