Game-changer for cold-weather drivers

Have you ever driven away with your block heater cord still plugged in? Ever have trouble plugging or unplugging your extension cord at below freezing temperatures? Do you know anyone who has mobility issues?

The VoltSafe magnetic extension cord is a game changer! It eliminates the safety hazards and difficulties caused by standard extension cords. The magnetic force pulls the plug together immediately activating power and then releases just as easily, leaving the plug’s entire surface completely safe to touch. No fear of electrocution, no danger of electrical fires and no more driving off with your block heater still plugged in. Say goodbye to the drive of shame!

In cold regions, vehicles require engine-block-heaters to start reliably. Block-heaters are designed to warm engine fluids, increasing the chances a vehicle will start in deep sub-zero temperatures. Block-heaters are plugged into an electrical outlet with a standard 14-gauge or 16-gauge NEMA 5-15 extension cable. Due to expansion and contraction of the metallic contacts and plastic housing in sub-zero temperatures, these plug-ends can take up to 40lb pounds of force to connect/disconnect. Not only is it extremely difficult and unpleasant to struggle with an extension cord at sub-zero temperatures, there are other potential problems with three-pronged-plugs and block heaters:

I was showing off my awesome new VoltSafe plug to co-workers before installing it on my car - it's awesome and I'm pumped that this product is becoming a reality!!!

Beta Customer, 2018


Save your money!

The VoltSafe Winter App, available on both Android and iOS, is the portal to communicate with your smart plug.

VoltSafe Winter allows you to schedule when you would like the plug to turn on and turn off via the app, saving energy, time, and money. Our plug and app use WiFi or data connection to enable usage.

The app is simple and easy to use with a seamless pairing process that doesn’t require you to go fishing for the plug in settings. It has also the ability to add multiple plugs so you can control them all in one app. Our diagnostics tool built into the app tells you when your plug is malfunctioning and a helpful guide on every page tells you exactly how everything works.

Over time, as the app learns more about your usage, it is able to suggest actions for you to take and to optimize your usage to further save you money, time, and energy.


Quick Connect & Disconnect ​

If you have ever experienced driving in -20°C weather, you likely know the frustration, difficulty and possible embarrassment that comes along with plugging your block heater in and then forgetting to unplug it. Voltsafe Inc. has a solution to this cold weather problem. 

The VoltSafe is a magnetic power connector that eliminates the difficulties and safety hazards caused by standard extension cables. Magnetic force pulls the plug together activating power and releases with the same pressure, leaving the plug’s entire surface completely safe to touch. VoltSafe technology is a new type of AC 120/240V power connector, which uses magnets not only as a convenient holding mechanism, but also to safely and consistently actuate electricity flow. 

The components connect and activate on the basis of magnetic force between the steel plate (active component face) which is attracted to the magnet on the complementary passive component face. When the two faces are connected, the electrical contact pads on each component are held firmly together by this magnetic attraction. The presence of the magnet also triggers the sensor operated controlling circuit inside the active component, which initiates power flow. At this point the interface transmits power like a typical extension cable.

Several design and operating features of the VoltSafe distinguish it from traditional 3-prong plugs:

  • A control circuit inside the active component turns power on when connected to the passive component, and turns off power immediately when the two components are disconnected.
  • The custom engineered contoured faces of the plug components are specifically designed to eliminate the possibility of accidental or deliberate electrocution.
  • Magnetic coupling makes it much easier to connect and disconnect!