VoltSafe Blog Team – December 20, 2023

Year in Review: A Look Back at VoltSafe's Award-Winning 2023

Time flies when you’re having fun, they say, so we’ve definitely had a blast in 2023. It’s very hard to believe another calendar year is winding to a close when it feels like we were just at CES in Las Vegas – 11 months ago.  We wanted to take an opportunity to reflect on this past year, which was filled with major milestones and accomplishments, along with accolades from private industry and government bodies.

Travelling from our headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia to global destinations, we attended trade shows, spoke at conferences, and accepted some prestigious awards. From Las Vegas to Hong Kong, Tampa to Amsterdam, and Los Angeles to New York, we reached over 43,100 kilometres in air ABYC Standards Week. Needless to say, we’re exhausted, but excited for the months ahead. The momentum being gained and the feedback we’ve been receiving across our multiple verticals is very validating. Each air mile earned is adding to the traction that will turn our vision into a reality, and that momentum is increasing rapidly: we’re in the final stages of launching a widescale beta pilot project for our marine shore power solution, taking pre-orders for VoltSafe Marine, we’ve received grants, been invited into multiple accelerators and speaking engagements, and we’re working on binding licensing agreements, all in parallel.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re ready to embrace 2024 excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. These prospects have been built upon the hard work of the entire VoltSafe team all year long. We’re forging a path to the “electrification of everything”, with VoltSafe Technology at its core. 

Our journey of innovation and excellence unfolded as soon as the year began and carried on throughout the months that followed. Here’s a look back at the significant moments, achievements, and milestones that occurred over the past 11 and a half months: 

January Kicked off with a Bang
Two CES Innovation Awards Mark True Excellence

Our first-ever time exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was an eventful one. The efforts earned us TWO coveted CES Innovation Awards, one as an Honouree for VoltSafe Home (Smart Home category) and the other for VoltSafe Marine (Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category). Not only did we turn heads with our collection of products powered by VoltSafe Technology within our 20’ x 20’ space on the CES floor, we were able to proudly feature our Home and Marine technologies in the Innovation Showcase for added traffic and traction to our booth. 


CES is produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), and shortly after CES, we were also recognized with the distinction of a CTA Mark of Excellence Award in the Smart Home Division (Emerging Technologies Category). CES was a tremendous company success, it opened doors to earned media, new potential licensing partnerships, and it became crystal clear that the interest in our marine solution was a vertical worthy of expeditious focus. After unpacking the bags and debriefing all of the info gained at the world’s largest trade show, the team put its head down to dig into the many opportunities earned from our week in Las Vegas. CES set a high standard and served as the perfect springboard for what was to come in the months that followed.

April’s an EPiC Month
A Winning Pitch to Steal the Show

In April, Voltsafe CEO, Trevor Burgess, flew across the world to Hong Kong to pitch VoltSafe Technology as a smart home solution and WIN at EPiC 2023, presented by Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). EPiC is a global startup pitching contest in which companies showcase their technology to potential investors with deep roots in Asia. VoltSafe walked away as the WINNER in the PropTech Category. The EPiC win earned VoltSafe a $10,000 cash prize, introductions to investors, and shone a spotlight on our patented technology amidst a major global hub of innovation. We turned many heads, and captured a lot of interest in bringing our technology to Asia. 

May in LA (and DC) is Pretty OK
VoltSafe presents and participates in IGNITE22 and ABC

In May, VoltSafe was invited to pitch and exhibit at IGNITE22 held at the Los Angeles Waterfront – a networking event that brings entrepreneurs, innovators, and future thinkers come together to network & explore the blue tech industry with exhibits and demonstrations on land and in the water. Our CTO, Sanad Aridah, was an event speaker, delivering an impactful presentation on the importance of how VoltSafe Marine delivers on safety, energy savings, and operational efficiencies. This engaging and insightful event earned us exposure to potential investors and marine industry influencers. 

IGNITE22 is produced by Braid Theory – a vertically-integrated venture advisory and accelerator based at the Port of Los Angeles. They work to bring together entrepreneurs, industry influencers, and corporate partners to accelerate adoption of transformative technology, drive market growth, and create profitable collaborations.

A couple weeks later, we participated in the Association of British Columbia Marine Industries’ (ABCMI) Innovation Day at the Vancouver Convention Centre as part of the Industry Showcase at this sold out event. Our VP of Partnerships, Philipp Garber, took the stage to outline the innovative benefits of VoltSafe Marine and how it expedites critical advancements in shore power and marine safety. We were very proud to join the many forward-thinking companies at an event that focused so heavily on the critically-needed innovation within the maritime industry.

VoltSafe was also invited to participate in the annual American Boating Congress in Washington, DC. The American Boating Congress is a 3-day event in Washington DC focusing on boating advocacy, hosted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Being a partner with NMMA keeps us up to date on the latest regulations regarding safety in the marine industry. This also means that in turn, they have an opportunity to see first hand the advances we are making towards setting a new standard for marine safety and share that knowledge with their members.  This annual event is co-hosted by AMI and approximately 20 other boating recreation organizations. The conference is a time to learn about issues facing the industry, and most importantly a time for the recreational boating industry to educate decision-makers on Capitol Hill. This event is of critical importance to us as it keeps us connected to government regulations that guide marine safety standards, propulsion alternatives and energy conservation.

June is Very Motivating
VoltSafe Takes Centre Stage

We hit the mid-year point and the team had not had much time to rest on our laurels, the events were just starting to amp up. CTO Sanad took the stage at Motivate Vancouver to showcase VoltSafe Marine. He pitched its benefits to a crowd of investors and stakeholders, explaining our innovation and how it is disrupting the next-gen mobility space. He spoke about its technological developments and highlighted the safety features of our shore power ecosystem. He also touched on the integration of VoltSafe Solutions into the lives of those with physical disabilities. The nods of acknowledgement in the crowd confirmed the desire to see more products like VoltSafe Marine and VoltSafe Home brought to market.

July Provides a Mic Drop-portunity
VoltSafe Joins the AgeTech Collaborative

VoltSafe successfully became an AgeTech Collaborative from AARPTM Portfolio Company. After previously pitching in the Open Mic Challenge back on March 30th, and subsequently completing the accelerator portion of the program, VoltSafe is now established as a company with extensions into the AgeTech sector, committed to providing safe solutions to accessible power for seniors and those with disabilities. AgeTech is the rapidly growing category of technology solutions designed to meet the needs of the world’s aging population and the more than $45 trillion global economy it represents. The AgeTech Collaborative has introduced VoltSafe to healthcare networks, providing in-depth insights into the longevity market to help our company level up and better serve people over 50+ years old, empowering them to choose how they live as they age. We’re very proud of our association to the AgeTech Collaborative, and are working hard to deliver a positive social impact at widescale to this very important community. 

August Accelerates VoltSafe
Connecting with the Biggest U.S. Climatetech Markets

VoltSafe was selected to join the United States Climatetech: Canadian Technology Accelerator as
one of only eight high-growth, high-potential startups to participate in the summer cohort. The invitation to join this specific accelerator underscores the interest and demand in VoltSafe’s patented technology and its positive effects on reducing our global carbon footprint. This program has helped the company identify venture investors and partnerships in the largest climatetech markets in the U.S. including San Francisco, Boston and New York.

September in the Sun & Surf
VoltSafe Wins an IBEX Innovation Award & Joins Major Accelerators

September began with our crew hitting the road to Tampa, Florida for the International Boat Builders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX), North America’s largest marine trade show. One of the biggest achievements of our year unfolded on day 1, with Voltsafe Marine winning an IBEX Innovation Award.  In spite of being up against some of the biggest companies in the marine industry, VoltSafe stood centre-stage, accepting this milestone achievement for our innovative shore power solution.  Managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the IBEX Innovation Awards recognize ingenuity, excellence and outstanding marine product development brought to the recreational boating industry and beyond.  Judge Ed Sherman remarked about our technology, “Voltsafe is the future of dockside shore power systems for marinas and boats. It revolutionizes shore power connectivity by addressing critical drawbacks of traditional methods.”  VoltSafe Marine was the winner within the Boatyard & Marina Hardware & Software Category. This year’s IBEX event was a record-breaking one, with the highest industry attendance since the trade show’s inception marking a great year to be on the podium. 

The month continued to fly, as VoltSafe discovered our company was accepted into the Oceans Stream Initiative by CDL-Atlantic. We’ve successfully cleared stage one (a feat in itself), and are currently progressing through the second stage of the accelerator program. VoltSafe’s selection into the no cost accelerator program reinforces the value its breakthrough plug technology delivers to advancing improvements to electrical safety, automation, sustainability, and overall human welfare.

To round out the month, VoltSafe was also selected by the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles to participate in the initiative. VoltSafe’s novel technology brings a positive environmental impact with established market traction to the SoCal Cleantech Express initiative. As our world rapidly moves towards the “electrification of everything” in all sectors, this initiative is a fantastic fit for our disruptive industrial marine technology.

November’s a Blur 
One of the Most Investable Canadian Cleantech Companies, METSTRADE & More

VoltSafe honored as one of Canada’s Most Investable Cleantech Companies in the Foresight 50. Being a part of this exclusive group means VoltSafe will be showcased heavily by Foresight over the next 12 months, resulting in new doors being opened to corporations, government and investors, and establishes us a premier player within the cleantech industry in Canada and beyond.

VoltSafe showcased its award-winning marine shore power solution to a captive and engaged audience at METSTRADE in Amsterdam. Many of whom have been in the industry for years had yet to see such an innovative and much-needed solution to the current antiquated challenges posed by traditional shore power. We were approached by several interested parties for further discussion which has led to some exciting new developments. To cap off the trip with a bang, VoltSafe was the winner of the Startup Pitch Competition, hosted by the outstanding team led by Yachting Ventures’ Founder, Gabbi Richardson, the hardworking METS event and marketing staff.

VoltSafe continued to drive momentum in the marine sector at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington. This annual 3-day trade show was held at Lumen Field Event Centre. This year marked the first time VoltSafe exhibited at the show, which was made possible in part by Trade & Invest British Columbia

The great news continued, discovering that after much due diligence and hard work, we secured a $550,000 contract with the Government of Canada for our prongless 125VAC/15A magnetic power connector in a collaboration supported by Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) and Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). We’ve received significant inbound demand for this specific solution. It is perfectly suited to meet the needs of a wide range of industries from fleets, to emergency services (police, fire, ambulance and hospital), rapid charging for small electric vehicles or vessels, and is a critical first step to making autonomous (uncrewed) vessels and vehicles (on land, sea or air), truly autonomous in every way. Expediting production will address pent up demand for the solution from within residential, commercial, industrial markets, in addition to supporting the needs of Canada’s defence sector.

December Caps Off a Festive Finish
Trade Show Season Wraps, Plus a BC Fast Pilot Grant

VoltSafe made its inaugural appearance at the marine-focused trade show, The DOCKS Expo, in Nashville, TN. Many in the crowd recognized VoltSafe Marine for its ability to contribute to the reduction in electrical current leakage from an outlet level. Companies working on technologies to reduce current leakage into the water from vessels were eager to have further discussions about collaborating with VoltSafe to help eliminate electrical shock drownings (ESD). Electrical Shock Drowning counts as one of the major shore power hazards in a marina environment. The feedback from The DOCKS Expo is already being applied to refining our marine solution to make it even more dependable and user-friendly.

With our marine shore power solution gaining so much traction this year, it seems fitting to round out our year in review with news about – you guessed it – VoltSafe Marine. Receiving a BC Fast Pilot Grant from Innovate BC and NRC IRAP for $180,000 to advance our marine hardware and marina management software is a fitting end to a year that has literally sailed by. Our CEO, Trevor, commented on the successful grant application noting, “We applaud Innovate BC for believing in Canadian deep tech hardware companies like VoltSafe Inc. This funding will help us more elaborately evaluate the performance and usability in real-world operational scenarios for our marine shore power solution(s)  gathering real-time feedback and insights is valuable in further refining our award-winning marine technology and individual feature sets before broader implementation across North America in 2024 and subsequently worldwide.” 

So, What’s Next? 

Building on the Momentum

Throughout the year, our team consistently demonstrated innovation, resilience, and a commitment to driving positive change in the realms of smart home technology, mobility tech, agetech and beyond. As we look ahead to the challenges and triumphs that the new year will bring, VoltSafe remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of technology and sustainability.  

There’s still a couple weeks to go in December, so we may need to make a revision to this blog to add more exciting news before we all crack out the champagne and celebrate the turn of the calendar year on December 31st.  In the meantime, we wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Here’s to 2024!

About VoltSafe Inc.

VoltSafe Inc. is changing the way people connect to power. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the Canadian tech startup has reinvented the electrical plug by eliminating prongs, adding magnets and an “electrical fingerprint”. Using patented technology, VoltSafe has created the world’s safest, simplest, and smartest plug design since electricity came into homes more than 140 years ago. The company’s product pipeline includes magnetic plug replacement solutions for household, commercial, industrial, marine, electric and autonomous vehicles, emergency services, data centres and more.